Meetings and conferences

«At Midtåsen you get the calm necessary to be solution-oriented and creative for the development of your company.»

Meeting and Well-being

We offer a bright and airy meeting facility with modern and complete AV equipment. The venue can accommodate up to 40 people, located close to the city center, train station and Sandefjord Airport Torp.

Midtåsen is sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city and has its own particular atmosphere. Here you get the calm you need to be creative and inspired.

This is the perfect place for board meetings, general meetings and strategy meetings.

If you are more than 40 people we can also set up conference facilities in the magnificent Arnebergstuen. This room can be used for meetings / conferences for 100 people.

The lunch is served in the gorgeous villa. Here our skilled chefs can offer a tasteful experience, always based on the season’s best ingredients.

We are good at creating tailor made events for large and small companies and can of course assist with the planning of the event. Whether you are interested in a conference day with lunch or a whole day of meeting / conference followed by an evening with dinner and entertainment, we can meet most of your needs.

How about combining business with a truly unique experience? Maybe a cooking course in relation with the conference? Or do you want a historical tour of the magnificent villa? We can provide most of it and are here to meet your wishes.

We have 5 double rooms with bathrooms and 2 single rooms. We also have agreements with the city’s hotels, and can of course help booking accommodation and transport for our guests.

A foretaste

We gladly invite you for a visit and a free consultation to help with your planning. We do our utmost to meet your wishes. This is our way of building a relationship based on trust!